Cherise Designs Vision

Eric, the guy next door says, “I just want to sell my cakes.” Yolanda, a friend who use to be the top manager for the Raley’s Grocery store chain in their Bakery department, who is now taking classes to become a pastry chef says, “Once I graduate, how will I get the word out and whom do I ask to get my business started?” These are my friends and these are my future clients.

There are so many people like Eric and Yolanda who haven’t a clue as to how to start and run their own businesses. They just have the dream. This is where to begin. For my friends, there must be a way to gain access to spread the word about their wares. To have the same opportunities to become independent entrepreneurs just as the shop keeper has down the street. Also, the shop keeper down the street is seeking a way to expand his customer base, to spread the word about his upcoming sale, to gain access to more ways in which to advertise. Cherise Design is needed.

With Cherise Design, a business card passed into the right hands, a flier placed on the right school bulletin board, an Ad placed in the right community newsletter can change their lives. The first customer, who calls because they’ve received a door hangar about the shop keepers business, will make it all worthwhile. These clients’ abilities and gifts will continue to be their livelihoods. Cherise Design can and will be their opportunity to continue in their dreams. It will be affordable, available, accessible and dependable for them.

Cherise Design will make a difference. A difference in the ways of thinking for Eric and Yolanda who believe now that to start a business is impossible; a difference for the shop keeper, who will have gained more customers and more marketing skills. The services offered by Cherise Design will help the community as a whole to gain access to each other and to the outside world of opportunity; a new access to share unique services, talents and abilities. In this economic climate, the time for Cherise Design is now. And tomorrow, Cherise Design will have made a difference.


About A. Cherise

I'm a Freelance Writer for hire
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